Workshop and Consultations

Learn how the Theory of Being can enhance your DEI work


We can provide an interactive workshop on specific skills that you hope to learn for engaging in difficult dialogues.

Full-Day Workshop***
Half-Day Workshop
***Please reach out to us if you have concerns about the fees.

Leader Consultation

You will have the opportunity to have a personal and confidential session to discuss specific challenges when facing interactions across social and political differences or as you imagine next steps in the design of your DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiative or manage a conflict. This is a support service. In other words, our consultation will not replace you.  The primary responsibility for implementation will stay with those within your organization.

We will discuss ways to apply the practices and offer additional tools that are specific to your situation. This personalized support helps leaders in organizations practice the principles and practices that enable more productive dialogue and more effective implementation of a process-oriented approaches to organizational/social change efforts. Leaders can take advantage of Virtual Office Hour Sessions when faced with a specific dilemma or when befuddled about how to take the next step in their diversity or conflict management planning process.

90-minutes session***
***Please reach out to us if you have concerns about the fees.
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